6 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Construction in Montrose

6 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before Purchasing a New Home Build

What could be more exciting than being the owner of a brand new home? For real estate in Montrose CO, choosing to build new instead of buying what’s available can make a lot of sense, especially if you have a highly specific idea of what you want in a home. As with any real estate transaction, though, you’ll need to ask the right questions and do your homework to make sure the house you get is a lifestyle booster — not a lemon.

1. How Much Customization Will You Allow?

Not all builders are interested in custom design changes. If you’re buying a house in a new development, know that the builder may offer a limited selection of finishes and designs, all designed to keep their costs down and their schedule moving. Make sure you know if you’ll be able to get what you want before committing.

2. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Many builders will guarantee their workmanship with a warranty for at least one year. This allows enough time to uncover any problems that might pop up with changes in the season — a leaky basement during the spring rains, for example. Understand your coverage under this important policy.

3. What Will the Neighborhood Look Like in the Future?

If your builder has a master plan for the neighborhood, ask to see it. If not, do a little research into local ordinances and community planning to see what your area is zoned for. This information will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

4. Can You Give the Final Price Ahead of Time?

Not all builders will commit to a final price before the house is complete, which helps them cover themselves for changes in the plans, custom finishes and unforeseen delays. This uncertainty can cause problems with your lender and your budget, so it’s important to nail down these details as much as possible ahead of time.

5. Can I See the Fine Print?

Your real estate agent and a lawyer should look over the construction contract to make sure everything seems fair and correct. These documents can get complex, so it makes sense to have someone on your side looking over the wording.

6. When Can I Have an Inspector Take a Look?

Just as you would do a walkthrough with your real estate agent and an inspector before finalizing the sale of an older home, you’ll also want to have an inspector check everything out in new construction.

If you’re interested in new construction, talk to your real estate agent to get started on finding a building project that you’ll love to call home.


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