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National-Parks-Rocky-Mountain-Loch-Lake-IMG-Src-Flickr.comIf you’ve been living in Colorado for very long, you probably already know that there are some beautiful national parks here. Even in you don’t live in Colorado, you might have seen the parks during a vacation. Either way, there’s a lot of beauty to enjoy and appreciate no matter which Colorado National Park you visit. So, which one do you choose? Why pick just one when you can see them all? Here are the four national parks you won’t want to miss.

1) Mesa Verde

Down by Cortez, in the southwest part of the state, there are unique Puebloan dwellings. There are walking tours of the area that you really shouldn’t miss, and, if you don’t mind a little climbing, you can see a lot of amazing ruins.

2) Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Years of natural history rise up along sheer black walls in this national park, and the history of the area is abundant. The railroad used to run through this location, and if you’re looking for recreational opportunities and dramatic scenery, you can find all of it right here in this park.

3) Rocky Mountain

Evergreen forests, wildlife, and more abound at this park. It’s extremely popular for hikers, bikers, and travelers of almost any kind. You can also enjoy a drive that will take you up to elevations of more than 12,000 feet, which can give you some unforgettable views.


4) Great Sand Dunes

If you’re looking for sand dunes, this park won’t disappoint. There are 30 square miles of dunes, with a height that rivals the Rocky Mountains. There are many chances to hike and take your four-wheeler out, too.

Everywhere in Colorado there are recreation opportunities. There’s real estate from the Front Range all the way to the Western Slope that offers opportunities for outdoor activity. Whether you decide to buy a home in Colorado and live there permanently or you just like to vacation there, outdoor recreation choices abound. For any outdoor enthusiast, visiting any or all of Colorado’s national parks can be a great way to explore the beauty of nature.


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