1-Easy Solution to Sludge, Snow, Mud

Sealing your garage floor is an easy solution to sludge, snow, and mud.

Many Montrose Colorado residents commute to the mountains or participate in snow sport activities during the winter. Driving on the mountain roads of Montrose Colorado after a snowstorm can freeze moisture and mud underneath your vehicle. The accumulated sludge then drops all over your garage floor after thawing, leaving a muddy garage floor that’s hard to clean.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Prepare the Area: Measure your garage floor square footage to calculate how much sealant you’ll need. Remove all stored items out of the garage for a free and clear working space. Lastly, you’ll want to prepare the concrete by pressure washing the concrete floor and allowing ample time for the moisture to dry. You may need to de-grease oil stains using a citrus product like goo-gone or kitty litter to soak up spots.
  1. Choose your product: Use a 2-part epoxy or a concrete paint to seal the pores on your concrete floor. This will provide an easy sweep away surface for the winter highway sludge that falls off your vehicles. Be aware that concrete paints don’t last as long as epoxies, which tend to last longer and provide a harder surface than paints. Epoxies are venerable to UV sunlight though, which can damage the product and compromise the effectiveness of the sealed surface.

Make sure you choose a product that comes with granular chips. The chips sprinkle onto the paint or epoxy, providing texture to the surface for grip while walking and driving inside the garage.

  1. Application: After cleaning and allowing the surface to dry, use a paint roller to apply the sealant, while incorporating a hand paint brush for the detailed edges of the garage or other tight areas. Follow the drying time and application temperature range provided on the product label to ensure proper curing.

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