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Thinking of putting your home on the Montrose Co real estate market this spring? Let us help you get a better return on your investment! Here are a few tricks of the trade to help assist with getting your home in tip-top shape for the Montrose real estate spring market, and in less time than you might think! Not only will these tips assist with curb appeal, but they will also add value to your property’s equity. Get more this year and get moving!

  1. First Impressions– Walk around the entirety of your home and make a list of things that need to be addressed. Does the exterior require a new coat of paint, or does it need a thorough cleaning? Are your windows sparkly clean or do they have leftover snow/raindrops from the winter? Have some of your shingles been missing for the past few years and/or does the entire roof need replacing? It’s been a light winter here in Ouray and Montrose CO, but a thorough inspection is still a good precaution.

If you are a visual person, take a camera with you & take photos of the exterior. You can relate back to your snapshots to see what you missed. Have a third party look at photos to also give you honest advice about what else you may have missed. A great way to efficiently clean the exterior is to use a pressure washer including; driveways, walkways, front/back porches, siding, windows & don’t forget the garage doors & front door. Remember to have a gentle hand as too much pressure can chip away paint. Paint your electrical boxes the same color as your exterior paint to camouflage the choppy look & make sure your garbage/recycling cans are either tucked away in the garage or hidden from street view. To finish off, seal wood decks & take a squeegee to your windows, inside and out to make them sparkle!

  1. Grand Entrance– Make the facade shine by just adding a few simple touches. Paint your front door a bold color, one that compliments your exterior paint. Want to try something daring yet classic? Try painting the front door black. It’s a nice contrast to most exterior paint colors & is one that most any home can handle. What about a Navy, Charcoal Grey, or even a pale summer Yellow? A fun way to tie in that contrasting color is to add shutters on your street-facing windows in that same color. Not only does that finish off the look, it adds instant dimension & will make your home appear larger. Are your address numbers visible from the street? A simple coat of paint in a fun color, new modern numbers, or a creative touch will grab buyers’ attention. Painting the house numbers on the front of your floral pots, the lip of the front step, or even above your front door are potential creative ways to embellish address numbers.
  1. Green Thumb– Get those gardening gloves on & get to work! Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed 1-2 per week and don’t forget to trim those hedges! Pull all weeds, prune overgrowth & make a point to plant new flowers, or revive the beds by adding new mulch or soil. If you are new to gardening, plant all sorts of large greenery; lemongrass, cabbage, ferns & moss are all great ideas. One trick to remember is to set your sprinklers for 10-15 before a showing to get that yard glowing, especially during the hot Montrose Colorado summer months.
  1. All In The Details– When it comes down to the exterior of your home, “decorating” can be tricky! You may be thinking, “How much is too much?” and “Do I have enough?” A few simple solutions can go a long way. Symmetry is the easiest rule to follow when you are unsure of where to place items. For example, place two oversized garden urns, one on either side of the front door with fresh flowers, succulents, or greenery spilling out over the edges. While you’re in the planting mood, fill some window boxes with fresh flowers & attach them to the bottoms of the windows. This will create a fresh, polished look! Add a seasonal wreath to the front door & make sure your doormat is in excellent condition.

New mats range from $10-$45 and you can get ones that are simple & classic, monogrammed, or have a fun pattern. Try placing a cafe table & chairs or a set of rocking chairs on your front porch with some fun patterned pillows. This will make it look warm & inviting. If you need help in the staging of your home, Petula Design offers expert help to get your home looking optimal for potential buyers.

  1. Ready, Set, Go!– Now that you’ve prepared your home to sell on the Montrose Colorado real estate market, you are ready for the next step, showings! A few things to remember on the days of scheduled showings: Turn on all lights, outside included. Overhead lights, under-mount kitchen cabinet lights, stove lights, lamps, etc. Don’t forget to open all blinds & curtains to let as much natural light in as possible. Turn on the fireplace as well as light a few candles throughout the house to get it smelling fresh!


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