5 Upcycle Ideas to Trendify Your Montrose Home

5 Upcycle Decoration Ideas to Tredify Your Montrose Home

Spot a cool mid-century dresser at an estate sale? Did you rummage at the Ridgway Second Chance Thrift Store and find some gently used mason Jars? Diamonds in the rough are the latest trend in this post-recession fix and flip housing and design culture. To get you started, here are a few crafty ideas to get your home looking upcycle cool for the next party you host.

montrose HomeMason Jar Vases: These have become quite the status statement in the hipster culture and will easily trendify your home with a few quick steps. Try spray-painting the jars with a gold or silver paint. Then, add some dried flowers and grasses for a dinner table centerpiece. You can also add fresh cut flowers for a guest room nightstand piece. Tie the rooms’ design together with another silver or gold object and there you go!

montrose homeOld Windows: You can find really cool old windows that have been pulled out of turn-of-the-century town homes, like Ouray and Telluride, at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Montrose. First, properly clean up the window by wiping down the glass and using a razor blade to scrape off old paint. You may also want to consider repainting the wood frames; the glass can be painted to create a hanging chalkboard or just keep the glass clear to create a picture frame. Fasten wall hanging hardware along the back of wood frame of the window to complete.

Old Window Shutters: Window shutters are a really unique and functional item that can be repurposed in a few ways. If you can find a large window shutter, repaint it and attach two together by hinges to create a room divider. For smaller shutters, try using the shutter as a magazine rack in a bathroom or office waiting room. The key is finding a window a shutter large enough for your project.

Happy hunting and have a blast upcycling items for your Montrose home!

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