November 2016 Montrose CO Real Estate Stats – Sales & Available Foreclosures

Baby It’s Warm Outside

The Montrose real estate market is still quite active as warm weather in November inspired Buyers to place offers on homes left-over from the summer. The volume of home sales activity in Montrose has been anything but cold. The number of homes sold in November was 22% higher then the previous 5-year average and 30% higher than November of last year. This is quite abnormal to what the industry is used to here in Montrose Colorado.

Montrose home inventory is painfully low as many homes have now left the market for the season. This has given an advantage to those looking to sell their home during the winter months, enabling properties to stand out among the enlarged buyer pool.

Time to Throw Confetti?

It’s true; national home equity values are now above record peak levels that were prior to the Great Recession (Housing Prices Exceed Housing Boom Levels). The caveat is that this figure is based solely on the Chase-Schiller Index and is not quite adjusted for inflation. According to Zillow economists (which factored in inflation), national home prices are still 2.7% below peak values, which is still pretty darn good considering we just climbed out of the most disastrous recession (that was created through the housing and mortgage industry) since the Great Depression (Home Prices Recover Ground).

Interest Rates Awaken

Actually, the new Star Wars Movie coming out on the 18th of December has nothing to do with interest rates, but a rise is coming and is already here. Rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage have jumped from 3.57% to 4.13%; this is a little over 1/2% jump since August. If already struggling affordability gets worse, due to a decrease in affordability on a monthly mortgage payment, don’t be surprised if these bloated home prices level-out over the next year.

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