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Podcasts Graphic - Atha Team Blog - Photo Credit- Pedro German FlickrIn a world where the most listened-to podcasts for 2022 (according to Edison Research) are largely centered around crude humor, random (often useless) information, and true crime scenarios, we thought we’d share some of our go-to podcasts that will enrich your life, give you positive, helpful information, and give you tools to be a better you! Whether you tune in at the gym, on your daily commute, or for 30 minutes on your lunch break, a good podcast can enhance your life, provide quick, useful nuggets, and help you deal with issues that most of us experience at one time or another. Here are our top podcasts for 2022 you may be interested in tuning in to.

The Dr. John Delony Show

“Real talk on life, relationships and mental health.” That’s it in a nutshell. John gives practical life advice on a “caller-driven” show that offers real-world scenarios where sage advice and challenges are given to those seeking support and direction in their lives. John is a dynamic host with an obvious heart for helping people and relates to his listeners on many different levels. His education and passion up-lifts and inspires the audience to charge forward when they feel out of options.

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Married for over 30 years and having raised four children, Karen “encourages and equips moms to reach their full potential.” An accomplished author, Karen provides faith-based support for parents who struggle with not only the day-to-day issues families face but also maintaining a healthy marriage in the process. Her website includes parenting tools for learning with personality quizzes for you and your child, words of affirmation, family activities, and other online resources to help you find purpose, discipline, and contentment in the journey of rearing children.

Cobble Creek Property SOLD by the Atha Team at Keller Williams Colorado West RealtyThe Ramsey Show

Since 1992, Dave Ramsey has offered financial advice to over 18 million weekly listeners. His educated team gives “practical advice on life and money.” The latest episodes cover retirement, the housing market, investing, borrowing, debt reduction, and real-life everyday expenses.

The Boundaries.me Podcast

Dr. Henry Cloud’s podcast “features inspiring stories about the benefits to your relationships, mental health, productivity, and wellbeing that come when you implement healthy boundaries.” Dealing with everything from how to stop procrastinating, benefits of having an accountability partner, replacing the critical voice in your head, and building self-confidence, Dr. Cloud coaches his audience to navigate life well. An accomplished public speaker and author who has written over 40 books.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig is a dynamic speaker and best-selling author who inspires his audience with “personal, practical coaching lessons that take the mystery out of leadership.” Not exclusive to traditional leaders, Craig offers time management, team development, structure, and organization skills that can be applied to many different home and work dynamics.

The Economist

“Sound reasoning on current affairs, business and finance, science and technology, and global issues.” If you’re looking for short, targeted news to stay informed on current events, this one’s for you. A good mix of money, medical, and politics, this could be an outlet to keep you updated without the daily local ambulance-chasing news you can definitely live without spending your evening engaging in.


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