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Buying a Home and Getting a Home Inspection - Atha Team Real Estate Montrose ColoradoBuying a new home is a huge financial decision, whether it is your first home or your fifteenth. Each investment is unique with its own history, charm, and necessary maintenance. No house is perfect. It’s good to keep things in perspective. However, some homes may appear cosmetically beautiful on the surface, disguising potential safety concerns or needed repairs.

A certified and experienced home inspector is a great asset during the home buying process. Even if you find a great deal on a house in your ideal neighborhood, you would be wise to hire a certified home inspector to take a second look.

Here are our top 3 home inspection tips for buying a house:

  1. Don’t Skip the Home Inspection

If you think skipping the home inspection is going to save you money, keep reading. A home inspection can actually save you money in several ways:

  • You’ll know exactly what you’re buying and if you should expect any major future expenses, such as replacing a roof within a few years.
  • You’ll have the confidence to walk away from a deal if a serious issue is found; or you may choose to proceed, but fully informed of what you’re investing in.
  • If you do move forward on a house in need of major repairs, you can use the findings in the home inspection report to negotiate a lower cost.

Hiring a reputable home inspector will help you proceed through your transaction with confidence and peace of mind.

  1. Ask Questions

Important Home Inspections when Ready to Buy a House - Atha Team Real Estate Montrose ColoradoYour home inspector is there to help you make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality house that’s free of major defects, so ask any questions that you have!  A good home inspector will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Here are a few questions to ask your home inspector:

  • What kind of maintenance will this home require?

It’s really important to remember that, just like a car requires regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs, your home will too!

  • What are you most concerned about?

It is normal to feel uneasy when items are called out in the inspection report. You’ll be surprised to hear that most houses have similar issues and that they’re usually not deal breakers. Remember, no home is perfect and every home requires maintenance and repairs as time goes by.

Be mindful of the common temptation to focus on minor cosmetic issues. Focus on the most critical aspects of the home that could be expensive to repair or replace like the electrical, plumbing, or underlying structure. Leverage the expertise of your home inspector by asking questions, so that you feel informed to make a sound decision and equipped to take great care of your largest investment.

  1. Choose your Home Inspector Wisely

Hiring a qualified home inspector is a great way to protect your investment. No two home inspectors are alike. Some home inspectors crawl through the crawl space, others don’t. Some inspectors peer into the attic from the access door, while others traverse to every corner of the attic. Some inspectors finish an inspection in 2 hours, while others are more thorough and take upwards of 4 hours to inspect an average size house. In addition, every home inspector offers different ancillary services and prices their home inspection differently.

Having a home inspection is crucial to a buyer’s decision-making process because it gives you a clear picture of the condition of your potential investment. Working with the right inspector can help you better understand the state of the home and how much you can expect to spend on upkeep and repairs.

At A Firm Foundation Home and Building Inspection, you can be confident that you are paying for an unbiased inspection of the highest quality available – for your largest investment. For more information, visit A Firm Foundation Home Inspection today!

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