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Trading Mochas for Mortgages - May Real Estate Stats - Atha Team Home Realtors

Trading Mochas for Mortgages – May Real Estate Stats

   Montrose Market  For those of you following our monthly stats that we produce in-house, we may sound like a broken record. Aggressive appreciation and price gains, supply and demand, multiple offers; this has become all too familiar. Could there be a change in the wind? The recent interest rate hikes are not just announcements you hear on the news anymore, they are now translating to...

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What is Causing the Major Shift in Real Estate Sales? – September Real Estate Stats

Montrose Market The overall Montrose market remained relatively flat in homes sales for the month of August. Increases were seen in the luxury price range ($500-$800) from January through August, up 8 from last year with a few sales in August. A major shift occurred this year in the $400-500 price range with a 55% increase in the number of units sold over the last 8 months of 2018. This is fantastic news...

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What is causing the Jump in the High End Market? – July Real Estate Stats

Montrose Market The Montrose Colorado real estate market, along with the summer weather, has been unpredictably hot. The market under $300K has experienced an averaged 41% decline in available inventory over the previous 5.75 months of 2018, compared with the same period last year. Interestingly enough, total sales volume in Montrose Colorado is up 5.9% over the first 6 months of the year. Housing...

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June 2018 – Montrose Colorado Real Estate Market Update

Montrose Colorado As home prices continue to trend upward, the number of properties selling remained relatively flat in June. In relation to June of last year, the Montrose real estate market experienced a 15% gain in sale prices. Absorption/saturation rates have increased in the $400-500K price range as more properties have entered the market for prime selling season. Inventory levels still remain quite...

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