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What do Montrose Co Home Buyers Want?

While homes are often valued by their square footage and the neighborhood in which they are located, homes that have been updated tend to sell more quickly and for a higher price. It may not be feasible or financially advisable to update an entire house before it’s sold; however, there are improvements that can be made that will help your home look more attractive to potential buyers.

1. No Brass Fixtures

Whether it’s the knobs on your cabinets, your light fixture, or even the trim on the glass of your shower door, buyers have moved away from the shiny brass craze of yesteryear. Removing the brass fixtures and replacing them with brushed nickel or aged bronze is more likely to give a space an updated appearance. Don’t forget areas like doorknobs and bathroom faucets.

2. Countertops and Backsplashes

There’s nothing that makes a beautiful kitchen with expensive finishes look cheaper than a substandard countertop. While various types of laminate and formica offer cost effective alternatives, some of them detract from the overall look of the kitchen. Other alternatives include concrete, stainless steel, soapstone, tile, butcher block, composites, and of course granite and marble. Matched with a backsplash, a beautiful countertop can make any kitchen feel high-end. A less expensive alternative is to hire a professional to paint and seal the existing countertops.

Check out this granite overlay process that turns old countertops into new ones!
And for the more brave renovator, try this trick to make laminate countertops into concrete countertops with very little money!

3. Kitchen Cabinets

They seem to be in the majority of homes – the reddish inexpensive cabinets that scream “builder’s grade”. Custom cabinets made from upgraded wood such as alder add instant appeal to a house. Stay away from ornate edges or wooden cutouts. Clean and simple is what’s “in”. Replacing cabinets with new custom cabinetry is quite expensive, and the selling price of the home is not likely to justify such a large cost. However, there are alternatives. Cabinets can be painted or stained to give them a whole new look. Try Rust-oleum’s cabinet refinishing kit! New hardware will help, too. Make sure to find new pulls or knobs that will match the existing holes in the cabinets, or fill the holes before you stain and re-drill!

4. Matching Stainless Steel Appliances

Nothing makes a kitchen look more pulled together than matching appliances. If they’re all stainless steel, even better! White appliances tend to make a kitchen appear more outdated, but if they match the rest of the appliances it probably won’t be of financial benefit to replace them all. If you have mismatched appliances, or simply want an update, try painting them with Liquid Stainless Steel ( or a similar product. Certain stainless steel paints can only be used on things like refrigerators, so be sure to research the product you choose thoroughly to make sure it matches your intended application!

 5. Undermounted Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks that are mounted so that they are under the countertop are trending right now. The undermounted sink alleviates crumbs and moisture where the countertop and sink meet. This clean modern look is best accomplished by a professional. The sink must be able to bear the weight of dishes, so not all countertops are ideal. Undermounted sinks work best with solid countertops such as granite, butcher block, concrete, or marble. If an undermounted sink is not feasible, you can give your existing sink a facelift by installing a new brushed nickel faucet.

 6. Walk-in Shower with Tile Surround

A walk-in shower in a master bathroom is very desirable in the current Montrose Market. While shared bathrooms that children use still need a traditional bathtub with a showerhead, more and more master bathrooms are being built with a separate tub and walk-in shower. The walk-in shower should be tiled to give it the best look. If you don’t have a walk-in shower, the area above your bathtub can be tiled to give it the same feel.

 7. Soft-Close Drawers

Soft-Close Drawers give any space a custom feel. This simple upgrade can be done to any drawer, and for a low cost. The pieces can be retrofitted onto existing drawer systems with little cost and time. The same goes for pantries and cabinets. This is not limited to kitchen spaces. Drawers all throughout your home can benefit from this simple upgrade.

 8. Flagstone

While making adjustments in your home before listing it for sale, make sure to pay attention to your outdoor spaces as well. If you do not already have a patio of some sort, consider making one with flagstone pavers. Flagstone is an attractive way to create character in an outdoor space. There are many options that range from small square flagstone tiles, to large naturally shaped pavers. Design something that fits with the space you have. Try something that moves your eyes around the outdoor space. Multi-levels add interest and depth. This can be an expensive endeavor, and you’re unlikely to recoup the costs in the sale of your home. An alternative is to clean the existing yard, and give it defined seating areas with well-placed patio furniture.

 9. Natural Flooring

There are more flooring alternatives today than ever before. If you’re in the market for new flooring, consider something natural like hardwood or bamboo. In kitchens or bathrooms, tile is always an attractive choice. Avoid black and white checkered tile and go with something more natural looking. Laminates have progressed significantly in recent years. Laminate hardwood can be better in some situations than even natural hardwood. It stands up to kids and pets well. Choose a laminate that looks hand-scraped and has many variations in the pattern. Laminate tiles are also becoming increasingly popular. They can withstand things being dropped on them better than traditional tile. There are some great options that can even be grouted to give them a more realistic look. Linoleum tends to be the least desirable flooring choice. If you have existing linoleum in a limited space such as a bathroom or kitchen, consider finding an inexpensive tile to replace it. Laying tile can be accomplished DIY relatively easily and cost effectively.

10. New Windows

While this is not the most exciting adjustment that can be made to update a home, it is one that brings value. Updated windows are more energy efficient than old ones, and eventually the difference in your utility bills will make up for the initial cost of the windows. This is a great change to make if you plan to stay in your home for a few more years. If you are listing your home now and replacing the windows makes less financial sense, try dressing them up with ceiling to floor drapes that are hung so they extend starting at the far edges of the window frame. This will give the window a larger and more dramatic feel. If the existing screens have unsightly holes, remove the screens before listing your home and store them in your garage.

Bonus Tip – The tried and true tricks of painting walls neutral colors, giving your house a deep clean, and removing approximately 75% of your belongings from the home will help prepare your house to be listed for sale.

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