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Will Solar Panels Be a Selling Point for Your Colorado Home?

Will Solar Panels Be a Selling Point for Your Colorado Home?

Montrose Co Real Estate

Solar panels installed on the house roof - Atha Team Real EstateIf you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years, or you’re ready to sell it in the coming few months, there are some improvements you may want to consider making. Some people focus on solar panels as one of those improvements, but are they a good choice? Will they be enough of a selling point to offset the cost? In general, that will depend on the buyer and the price, but here are a few considerations when you’re thinking about solar panels and getting your house ready to sell.

Do You Already Have Panels Installed?

If you already have panels, definitely try to use them as a selling point. The panels can make a house much more energy efficient than other types of power arrangements. By doing that, any potential buyers will see that their power bills will be lower if they buy your house. That may sway them toward buying your place instead of another one, which can mean an easier, faster sale for you. It can also mean a higher selling price, which can really help you if you want to move to a new place and sell your current house.

Are You Planning to Sell in the Next Five Years?

If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, solar panels may not be the right choice for you. While they could be a selling point for your buyers, you also want to make sure you get your money back from any big investments you make in your home to get it sold. Solar panels are costly, and it is generally a few years before you start seeing a return on your investment. So if you’re going to sell in a year or two, you won’t see the return you hoped for. Selling after a few years have gone by makes you more likely to get your investment back when you find a buyer.

What Type of House (and House Value) Do You Have?

High end home in a golf course property in Montrose Colorado - Atha Team RealtyIf you have a home that’s high-end and expensive in a good location in the Montrose, Colorado area, it may make more sense to have solar panels. Lower-cost homes are less likely to attract buyers who are looking for something like solar panels. That’s not to say that lower-priced homes can’t sell well with solar panels, but only that the cost of these panels may be prohibitive for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on upgrades to their home. Buyers in that price range may also not want to pay extra for solar panels, whereas buyers who are looking for much more expensive homes may want or even expect these types of energy-efficient benefits.
With that in mind, talking to a real estate agent in Montrose can make it much easier for you to decide whether solar panels are the right choice when you’re considering selling your home. You want to do what’s right financially, and as a seller, you have options to think about so you can make the best decisions for your needs.  Solar, as an investment, could see a internal rate of return of 8-10% right away. Call Atlasta Solar Center with any questions about investing in solar panels.

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Diana Atha is a seasoned agent in the Montrose, Colorado real estate industry. She has served within the Montrose professional market since 2006 and is part of Keller Williams Colorado West Realty. Diana has extensive experience as a real estate agent and is naturally gifted in customer service. She has passed on this knowledge and mentored rising stars in the Atha Team. Diana and her team have achieved many awards serving as buyer's and seller's agents in Montrose, Ridgway and Ouray. “Top Residential Sales Team” in 2017 “Top Residential Sales Team” in 2016 “Top Listings” and “Top Producer” in 2016 “Top Residential Sales Team” in 2015 “Realtor of the Year” in 2013 Recognition for ranking 3rd in real estate sales volume in 2013 Diana has served as a volunteer in many different aspects of the community throughout her over 25 years of Montrose residency. Growing up, Diana was modeled in the discipline of servant leadership. Her father, Rick Weaver of Del-Mont Consultants and Samaritans Aviation, included Diana in many community projects serving the needy. As Diana grew older, she traveled to Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Hungry, Romania, and Japan to help serve others in a Christian Humanitarian context. Diana now volunteers her time at the Magic Circle Theatre, Grace Community Church, Rotary International – Montrose CO, and served on the Board of Directors for the Montrose Association of Realtors. Diana is married to Ian Atha the Listing Specialist for the Atha Team and happily resides in Montrose Colorado.

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