Declining Sales But Prices Going Up – January Real Estate Stats

   A quick perusal of the graphs shows that despite the concern and ‘the sky is falling’ narrative preached by many, homes in Montrose still went up in price this past year relative to 2022. Yet unit sales continue to decrease, averaging over 23% over the last 3 months. The main consideration here is […]

Where is Housing Headed in 2024? – December Real Estate Stats

 The Montrose market is quite slow for December relative to the last few years of activity. There are very few homes available for sale and very few buyers actively looking. The big meeting this week at the Federal Reserve will greatly affect what happens in the real estate market in 2024. All eyes are […]

A Chilly Draft In The Housing Market? – November Real Estate Stats

 We’ve been experiencing a glorious fall here in Montrose, filled with sunny 60-70 degree days. As I write this now, a chilly, biting wind out of the south is signaling the changing of the guards. The real estate market in Montrose very much follows this pattern as well, as many people who purchase homes […]

Why Are Home Buyers Reassessing? – October Real Estate Stats

 The Montrose Real Estate market is following suit with the traditional fall-season slowdown. Kids are back in school and the cooler temps are ushering in the closure of the typical home-purchasing season. Homes are selling, albeit taking longer to sell than what the market has been accustomed to. The housing Inventory is averaging 3.6 […]

Shortest Housing Cycle Ever? – September Real Estate Stats

 The Montrose real estate market experienced a resurgence of home prices in August. The surge in the median sale price of existing homes was due to an increase in luxury home sales; 8 of the 9 highest-selling homes in August were purchased with cash. The increase in greenback purchases in the upper-end market is […]

Is The Market Still Strong If You’re Selling a Home? – August Real Estate Stats

 Montrose Market Depending on who you are, the Montrose Colorado real estate market is either crashing or still quite strong. Home buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for “a good deal”, expound upon the woes of 2008. Other home buyers are attempting to time the market and talk of an “everything […]

2-Years of Housing Inventory? – July Real Estate Stats

 Montrose Market The local Montrose housing market experienced an activity uptick in June relative to the prior two months. The mid-spring 3-month unit sale average was down only 23% from the previous 12 months, due to an uptick in June sales. Not bad considering the winter season was down close to 40% from the previous […]

Will Luxury Home Prices Crater? – June Real Estate Stats

 Montrose Market Market trends for the Montrose Colorado region are beginning to normalize headed into the summer selling season. Now having experienced a traditional spring, housing activity is trending into what may be a new market environment. Homes priced over $700K are now technically in a strong-buyer’s market, with inventory in this range cresting […]

Stagflation in Real Estate? – May Real Estate Stats

 Montrose Market The Montrose real estate market is clearly shifting, although momentum increased last month heading into the traditional selling season. Home prices are leveling as housing inventory increases substantially over $600K. Unit sales are down 37% year-over-year, while the median sales price shot up to $489K last month.  The rolling three-month average paints […]

Will Home Prices Stabilize or Tank? – April Real Estate Stats

Montrose Market The Montrose Real Estate market is finding a new trajectory this spring as the upper and lower price ranges continue to diverge. Essentially, the housing market over $500K is now becoming balanced, with an equal number of buyers and sellers. Meanwhile, there are still very few homes for sale under $500K. Consumers in […]

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